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Ishikawa Vegetables

In Ishikawa Prefecture, including Kaga vegetables and Noto vegetables We are the generic name for cultivated vegetables. I call it “Ishikawa Vegetables”. The history of sales outside our prefecture is Ishikawa vegetables It started from.

Business description and beliefs

To continue to impress customers through the fruit and vegetable wholesale and sales business

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Deliver delicious vegetables from Ishikawa
We will continue To everyone through vegetables We will send you a delicious taste and smile.

Message from management

To adapt to the times of change and change the region and us

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Because it ’s a small and elite company I can see the face of each creator Such fruits and vegetables that can be relieved will continue We will deliver it all over Japan.

Employment information

“Proposal of new food” “Ishikawa Prefecture's Industry / Food Value Improvement” Aiming with us, hot and full power We are looking for people to run in

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Company Profile

Fruits and vegetables that can be seen and relieved Wholesale to department stores and supermarkets nationwide. We also ship to Southeast Asia.

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1947年 Opened a fruit store in Hashiba, Kanazawa
1950年 Began brokerage of fruits and vegetables Delivery to retail stores in the direction of Kanazawa City and former Matsuto City by Auto Mobile
1966年 Established Asai Aika with the opening of the Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market
2008年 Started shipping to the Tokyo metropolitan area
2014年 Started shipping overseas
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