usui seika

Message from management

Ishikawa vegetables have been developed in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and since 2019, the 12th year has been reached. Nowadays, it is an era of change where globalization and IT are accelerating. We will adapt to the times of change and change ourselves, "Think Globally Act Locally" (Think things from a global perspective and act locally) All of us will work together as a slogan and think about the children of the 7th generation (180 years later). And We will continue to impress customers and creators through food and agriculture with the five-way good spirit of “sell, buyers, workers, creators, and the world”.

Company Profile

established 1966
Representative Masatoshi Usui
Capital 10 million
Number of employees 117 (including part-time workers) as of 2019
head office 4-7-1 Sainen, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture
Main business fields Fruit and vegetable wholesale business
(Production / Distribution / Sales)

While setting up a base in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, handling local Ishikawa Prefecture's commercial products (fruits and vegetables), other prefectures' specialty products, special cultivation products, and organic vegetable products Of fruits and vegetables at the supermarkets and department stores. We also ship to Southeast Asia. We think about things from a global perspective, contribute to the local community, and impress customers and creators through food.