usui seika
野菜って こんなに うまかったんだ


Fruit and vegetable wholesale and sales business

In Ishikawa Prefecture, there are many farmers who have technology, are interesting and have thoughts. We sell carefully selected crops made by such farmers to department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

お客様と 作り手に 感動を。


Think Globally
Act Locally

We will continue to impress customers and creators through food and agriculture with the philosophy of “sellers, buyers, workers, creators, and the world” with the slogan of “Thinking things from a global perspective and acting locally” .

食の最前線で 共に挑戦しませんか しませんか


Looking for colleagues to work with us

About 10 years have passed since Ishikawa vegetables were delivered to stores in Tokyo. Now we have a permanent store in Ishikawa vegetables in Tokyo. However, there are many problems such as a shortage of farmers' successors and abandoned farmland. We will propose “new food proposals that meet the needs of the world” and aim for “further improvement in the value of agriculture and food in Ishikawa Prefecture”.

Selection flow

1 Entry
Apply from the entry form
Document review
Comprehensive evaluation of entry sheet
Primary interview Scheduled interviews with HR personnel.
Secondary interview Scheduled interviews with senior managers
Final interview Scheduled interviews with representative directors or officers

Online interviews are also possible for the primary interview. Please consult as appropriate.

Job positions(Sales)
Benefits and treatment

[Job positions]
Sales position
[Expected business results]
  • Proposal of fruit and vegetable products according to market needs
  • Guidance on production areas and development of new production areas after understanding the production site
  • Marketing research, creation of customer proposal materials and sales promotion of existing and new products
[Human resource image]
  • Those who are interested in unknown areas and are willing to take on new challenges
  • Those who want to do what they want to do, collect one team, and lead to a common goal
  • Those who do not have a hard time cooking and have a love for fruits and vegetables
[Planned number of hires]
[Qualification requirements]
We highly appreciate those who have over 2 years of working experience and experience in sales (especially the food industry)
[Work location]
head office(4-7-1 Sainen, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
[Working hours]
6:00-15:30(2 hours break)There is an adjustment of working hours depending on the intention of our company and applicants
  • Full social insurance(Employment / Health / Employees' Pension),bonus(Provided based on company performance)
  • Transportation expenses(Up to 10,000 yen/month)
  • Overtime allowance
Holidays on Sunday and our company calendar(112 days total annual holiday※2019 / paid leave (10 days from the 7th month of work, then added based on the number of days of continuous work※Maximum 20 days / year
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